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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, September 17, 2009

Incumbent Dems win small-party lines

By Anne Hayden

GUILDERLAND — The results of Tuesday’s Conservative and Independence party primaries in Guilderland are in, and the Democratic incumbent candidates for town board and town judge won by large margins.

Democratic councilmembers Patricia Slavick and Paul Pastore, both incumbents, and David Fraterrigo, a registered Conservative making his first run for town board on the Republican line, were vying for Conservative endorsement. The outcome was 108 votes for Slavick, 100 votes for Pastore, and 63 votes for Fraterrigo.

The Conservative party had backed Slavick and Pastore. Fraterrigo launched a challenge, stating earlier, “I thought the Conservatives would back me without question.”

“We were elated that we did come out on top,” Slavick told The Enterprise yesterday. She said she believed the door-to-door campaigning that she and Pastore did, starting in July, had a significant effect on the results. The voter turnout on Sept. 15 was even greater than expected, said Slavick.

Ted Danz, chairman of the Republican Committee, said he was not surprised by the results of the primaries.

“Any time you primary an endorsed candidate, it’s an uphill battle,” said Danz.

Danz said he does not believe the primary results will have any effect on the election in November, and that he was actually encouraged by the number of votes Fraterrigo and Aldrich did receive.

“For two guys who came out with virtually no funding, and faced two well-known incumbments, I think they did pretty well,” Danz said.

“I think this proves that people think we are doing a good job, and that we’re fiscally responsible,” Slavick said, adding that she believes running on a second line will be beneficial in the November election.

“I want to thank everyone who came out and voted,” Slavick concluded.

Pastore told The Enterprise he was honored, and appreciative of the voters for their support and their confidence in him.

“I’m also thankful to the leaders of the Conservative Party for their endorsement, which was ratified last night,” he said.

According to Pastore, receiving endorsement from a party other than one of the two major parties is a sign of support of the current administration. The current supervisor, Democrat Kenneth Runion, is part of a three-member majority on the board, which could swing in the upcoming election.

“It’s not about any one individual, it’s a coalition, which is a hallmark of this administration. It’s not coincidental to receive support from other parties,” said Pastore.

Pastore believes the voters have witnessed the contributions and improvements the current administration has made in the town, but he said there is always room for improvement.

“We have accomplished a great deal, and provided the opportunity, I look forward to continuing in that vein. I am proud to be part of this administration,” he said.

Democratic incumbent Denise Randall faced Republican Chris Aldrich in both the Conservative and Independence races — she came out on top in both. The votes were 96 to 58 in the Conservative primary, and 95 to 26 in the Independence primary.

“Certainly the leadership of both parties have had unflagging support for me, but I’m deeply gratified to the voters,” said Randall yesterday. The wide margin between the votes indicates that people are looking for honesty, integrity, and experience in their judicial candidates, she said.

“The fact that these lines are so hotly contested is evidence of the influence they will have on the general election,” said Randall.

Paul Caputo, chairman of the Albany County Independence Party, said he was “overjoyed” about the results of the primary for town judge.

“Randall has done an exemplary job as town justice. She was one of the best judges we interviewed, so we couldn’t be happier,” Caputo said.

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