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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, June 25, 2009

Catalytic converters stolen from three cars

GUILDERLAND — A Rotterdam man was arrested by State Police for stealing from Bob’s Towing and Crushing, at 3600 Western Ave.

Mark Van Wormer, 46, was charged with three counts of petit larceny, and criminal trespassing.

On June 19, Robert Ciembroniewicz, owner of Bob’s Crushing and Towing, filed a complaint, after an employee saw a man running from the yard on June 17, carrying objects. The man was seen leaving in a Mercury Cougar.

Ciembroniewicz reported that several headlight assemblies, a Chevrolet Blazer radiator and grill assembly, and 14 catalytic converters were missing from cars. From the description of the man given by his employee, and the car description, Ciembroniewicz believed Van Wormer, his neighbor, was responsible.

“There were also fresh tracks that were not there on June 17, indicating that the suspect may have come back after initially being observed,” said a press release from the State Troopers.

Van Wormer owns the property at 3630 Western Turnpike, and investigation revealed that he trespassed on Ciembroniewicz’s property and stole at least three catalytic converters, according to the release. He is to appear in Guilderland Town Court tonight, June 25.

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