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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, March 12, 2009

Trestick family “jumpy” after home robbery, police say “the bad guys are out there”

By Anne Hayden

GUILDERLAND — The Feb, 18 robbery at 10 Van Wormer Drive has left the Trestick family shaken, as the investigation continues. No suspects have been arrested.

The whole ordeal happened in what seemed like a flash, Katelyn Trestick told The Enterprise this week. Just after 3 pm., she had just sent her kids out the door with her mother, and was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment, when her husband, Kyle, noticed two masked men walking in the backyard, in their quiet, residential neighborhood. Mr. Trestick walked toward the back door to lock it, and the two men pushed their way into the house, according to Mrs. Trestick.

One man was wielding a hatchet and began to attack Kyle Trestick with it, while both men demanded that Mr. Trestick empty his wallet, said Mrs. Trestick. She said her husband complied, handed them $500, and told the men to “Get out,” which they refused to do.

Mrs. Trestick said that, after the men got the money from her husband’s wallet, they took both husband and wife to the basement. They were carrying rope and intended to tie up the couple, but Mrs. Trestick said she wasn’t sure what they were planning to do after that.

Mr. Trestick was able to grab a hidden hunting knife on his way to the basement, which he began swinging at the two men, said his wife. When the intruders saw the knife, the suspects “screamed like little girls and ran,” said Mrs. Trestick. “The whole thing really probably lasted no more than 10 or 15 minutes.”

The robbery may have been the result of a “business transaction,” according to the release from The Guilderland Police, and Mrs. Trestick said that while they are not sure, she and her husband speculate that a man who owed her husband money for doing work on his house may have been involved.

The Tresticks left the house for a few days after the robbery because they felt unsafe, but Mrs. Trestick said her husband has been back in the house for a week, and she came back on Saturday. “I’m very jumpy,” she said, “even though we have had the locks changed and everything is dead-bolted.”

Mrs. Trestick said that the family is still in regular contact with the police. “We are hopeful that they will catch up with these people and figure out who they are,” she said.

Captain Curtis Cox of the Guilderland Police Department confirmed said that police are still working hard on the investigation. “There is more to this story than is being told,” he said, but added he could not release any new information.

“The bad guys are out there,” said Cox.  “We really want to figure this out and make the arrests.”

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