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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, February 12, 2009

GOP calls for candidates 

By Anne Hayden

GUILDERLAND – In an upset victory in 2007, two Republicans won seats on the formerly all-Democratic town board.

Now, the town’s Republican chair, Ted Danz, who made his first political run for county legislature in 2007, says he “absolutely expects to have a GOP majority on the board” after the fall election.

The Republican committee, which was in tatters a few years ago, issued an open call this week for citizens to apply to run on the Republican line. “We’re trying to encourage people to get involved,” said Danz. “I don’t think they’ve been encouraged before, and there are plenty of qualified people out there.” As for the issues the Republican party will focus on, Danz says the committee will wait until it has candidates before deciding on a platform.

Democrat Kenneth Runion, town supervisor, responded to Danz’s comment. “Personally, I wouldn’t make such a definitive statement,” he said. “You should always run as though there’s the possibility to lose, and put your best foot forward.”

David Bosworth, chair of the Guilderland Democratic committee, who was ousted from the town board with the Republican victories of 2007, said he feels the Democrats have been very successful over a number of years, but need to take each election seriously. Some of the issues Democrats will be focusing on in the fall election, Bosworth said, include the economic downturn, growth management, and the provision of services to improve quality of life.

Six incumbent’s positions will be up for re-election, and while no one has made an official commitment to run, Bosworth has not received word that any incumbents will not be running, he said. Those six incumbents and their positions are Kenneth Runion, supervisor; Patricia Slavik and Paul Pastore, town board; Rosemary Centi, clerk; Jean Cutaldo, receiver of taxes; and Denise Randall, judge.

Enrolled Guilderland town residents are split roughly into thirds; one-third Democrat, one-third Republican, and one-third independent or other party.

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