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Guilderland Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, January 29, 2009

Guard to upgrade pistol range

By Saranac Hale Spencer

GUILDERLAND — Plans are underway for the renovation of the pistol range here that is used to train National Guard members, reservists, and police officers.

The Guilderland site is part of a master plan that includes three sites across the state that the Guard plans to “modernize and enhance,” according to a draft environmental assessment prepared this month.  The other sites are at Youngstown, near Buffalo, in Western New York and at Camp Smith, downstate in Westchester County.

The 1,613 acres near the town’s golf course has about 200 acres that can be used for training, according to the assessment, and the only project slated for the area is rebuilding the combat pistol and military police fire-arms qualification course.

The site includes a cantonment area, terrain that can be used for infantry training, and a rifle and pistol range.

The Normans Kill bisects the range and floods it when the water rises, according to a release from the Guard, so it will be elevated so that it can be used when the water is high.

The assessment puts the operational impact for the proposal at the Guilderland site at “significant but mitigable to less-than-significant impact.”

On a list of potential project impacts for the master plan as a whole is “minor, long-term adverse noise impacts due to the operational-activities,” at all three sites and “minor, long-term adverse impacts to water resources due to development within floodplains at Guilderland.”

The New York National Guard hopes to begin work in 2012, according to the release, and a copy of the assessment can be seen at the Guilderland Public Library or online at www.dmna.state.ny.us under the tab labeled, “for citizens.”

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