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Sports Archives — The Altamont Enterprise, July 31, 2008

Local athletes compete in 19 sports at Empire State Games

 BINGHAMTON — About 6,000 athletes converged in Binghamton to compete in the 31st Hugh L. Carey Empire State Games.

Athletes from six regions of the state — Adirondack, Western, New York City, Hudson Valley, Central, and Long Island — took part in the Olympic-style event.

Local athletes competed as part of the Adirondack Region in scholastic and open (post high school) and masters divisions in many of the 28 different sports at the event.

Here are the final results for the local athletes listed by sport. Medals are italicized.


Michael L. Leonard, of East Berne, gold, master’s men’s all-around, 60 to 69 years; John McCullen, of Altamont, master’s men’s all-around, gold, 70-plus years.


Kyle Lavalley, of Guilderland, silver, scholastic men’s.


Robert Barry, of Altamont, played on the open men’s team; Jonathan Terry, of Guilderland, sixth, scholastic men’s.


Holly Dergosits, of Burnt Hills, and Jill Norray, of Berne, fifth place in kayak pair 200 meter; Jill Norray, fifth in kayak 200 meter; Kristen and Jill Norray, of Berne, fourth in kayak pairs, 500 meter; Kristen Norray and Meghan Araldi, of Westerlo, fourth in kayak pairs, 200 meter; Dergosits, Jill and Kristen Norray, and Araldi, fourth in kayak four, 500 meter; Dergosits, sixth in kayak 200 meters; Kristen Norray and Maraldi, in kayak pairs, 200 meters, fifth in first heat, third in second heat; Jesse Chartier, of Voorheesville, and Chad Staubach, of Altamont, fifth, open men’s/women’s, C-2 combined 500 meter; Chartier and Staubach, gold, open men’s/women’s, C-2 combined 200 meter; Staubach, gold, open men’s/women’s, C-1 combined 500 meter; Todd Dibble and Maclin Norray, of Berne, and Lawrence Staubach, of Altamont, fourth, open men’s K-4 500 meter; Lawrence Staubach, sixth, open men’s, K-2 200 meter; Lawrence Staubach, fourth, open men’s, K-2 500 meter; Maclin Norray and Todd Dibble, of Berne, fourth, open men’s, first heat of the K-2 200 meter.


Kevin Mosher, of Voorheesville, sixth out of 26 in the master’s men’s, 45 to 54 years, road race.


Kirstie Russell, of Feura Bush, scholastic women’s 3m, silver, and she placed fourth in the 1m.


Robert Nelson, of Voorheesville, placed eighth in master’s men’s sabre; Analise Peleggi, of Slingerlands, was part of the open women’s foil team that won gold; and Sasha Siy, of Feura Bush, was part of the scholastic men’s team that won silver.

Field Hockey

Courtney Davis and Bethany Meyers, both of Schenectady, were on the scholastic women’s team that placed fourth, with a 1-3 record.


Brenda Goodknight, of Altamont, master’s women’s vault, bronze, uneven bars, silver, beam, silver, floor exercise, silver, and all-around, silver; Kara Goodknight, of Altamont, placed fourth in scholastic women’s vault.


Stephen Saunders, of Voorheesville, open men’s 66KG, silver; Jerome Spinnato, of Guilderland, participated in the open men’s 73KG.


Casey Gerety, of Guilderland; Amanda Best, of Schenectady; Amy Branchini, of Slingerlands; Corinne Chatnik, of Schenectady; Bridget Daley, of Schenectady; Jen Madsen, of Slingerlands, Chelsey Newman, of Albany; and Danielle Tetreault, of Schenectady, were on the scholastic women’s team that placed fifth with a 1-4 record.  Dan Flora, of Schenectady; Travis Moore, of Guilderland; Rory Nunamacher, of Albany; and Andrew Vivian, of Slingerlands, were on the scholastic men’s team that placed sixth with an 0-5 record.


Thomas Stark, of Voorheesville, participated in the open men’s skeet; Robert Tigue, of East Berne, open men’s trap, bronze.


Jennifer Mihok, of Guilderland, bronze, open women’s; Frank Campagnano, of Schenectady, placed sixth, open men’s; Anthony Campagnano, of Schenectady, Lee Fenner, of Altamont, and Kevin Wendth, of Slingerlands, placed fifth, scholastic men’s.


Meagan Butsch, of Guilderland, Gabrielle Elsbree, of Albany, and Amber Maisonet, of Slingerlands, gold, open women’s.


Wolfgang Wittkowski, of Slingerlands, master’s men’s, 80-84, 200 SC meter backstroke; Wittkowski, second, master’s men’s, 80-84, 50 SC meter freestyle; Wittkowski, third, master’s men’s, 80-84, 200 SC meter freestyle; Wittkowski, second, master’s men’s, 80-84, 100 SC meter freestyle; Wittkowski, master’s men’s, 80-84, 50 SC meter backstroke; Wittkowski, master’s men’s, 80-84, 100 SC meter backstroke; Jenna Bickel, of Slingerlands, gold, scholastic women’s, 100 LC meter backstroke; Bickel, fourth, scholastic women’s, 200 LC meter backstroke; Michael Schaffer, of Schenectady, sixth, scholastic men’s, 400 LC meter medley relay; Schaffer, sixth, scholastic men’s, 400 LC meter freestyle relay; Payton Fontaine, of Altamont, silver, open women’s, synchronized swimming team event; Ariana Valverde, of Altamont, participated in the open women’s synchronized swimming.


Alexander Bush, of Altamont, played in the scholastic men’s doubles.

Track and Field

Joy Meyer, of Voorheesville, gold, master’s women’s, 45-49, 800 M run; Brian Dollard, of Voorheesville, bronze, master’s men’s, 40-45, discus; Bernard Gansle, of Slingerlands, fourth, master’s men’s, 55-59, 200 M dash; Gansle, fifth, master’s men’s, 55-59, 100 M dash; Joseph Herkenham, gold, master’s men’s, 45-49, 4x800 M relay; Sarah Hannay, of Westerlo, eighth, open women’s, javelin; Scott Hannay, of Westerlo, silver, open men’s, javelin; Greg Hannay, fourth, scholastic men’s, javelin; Briana DelBene, of Altamont, fifth, scholastic women’s, discus; Jonathan Aziz, of Guilderland, fourth, scholastic men’s, 1500 M run; Nathan Bub, of Voorheesville, fifth, scholastic men’s 4x400 M relay.


Kristina Kemmer, of Voorheesville, gold, master’s women’s; Edin Brkanovic, of Guilderland, played on the master’s men’s team; Christianne Ludwick, of Slingerlands, played on the scholastic women’s team.


Keith Domermuth, of Westerlo, gold, scholastic men’s 125kg.

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