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Hilltowns Archives —The Altamont Enterprise, January 4, 2007

In Knox
Town salaries get 3-percent raise

By Tyler Schuling

KNOX — The town appointed its officials at its re-organizational meeting on New Year’s day at noon.

The board unanimously voted to authorize Highway Superintendent Gary Salisbury to purchase equipment, materials, and tools for the highway department not to exceed $1,500 without the town board’s prior approval.

All town salaries have increased by at least 3 percent.

The town’s officials, boards, committees, and designations for 2007 are:

Supervisor: Michael Hammond;

Town Board: Joseph Best, Dennis Decker, Patricia Gage, and Nicholas Viscio;

Highway Superintendent: Gary Salisbury;

Town Attorney: John Dorfman;

Town Clerk: Kimberly Swain;

Deputy Town Clerks: Mary Alice Geel and Mary Ellen Nagengast;

Registrar of Vital Statistics: Helen Quay;

Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics: Deborah Little;

Deputy Tax Collector: Lee Martin;

Town Historian: Frieda Saddlemire;

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Dennis Decker;

Deputy Supervisor: Nicholas Viscio;

Building/Sanitary Inspector & Zoning Administrator: Robert Delaney;

Assistant Building Inspector: Daniel Sherman;

Animal-Control Officer: John Norray;

Parks Superintendent: Louis Saddlemire;

Youth Director: Dennis Decker;

Court Clerk: Deborah Liddle;

Court Officer: John McGivern;

Deputy Highway Superintendent: Loren Shafer Jr.;

Bookkeeper: Catherine Bates;

Auditor: Beryl Grant;

Transfer Station Attendants: David Quay, John Oliver, and Richard Dexter;

Zoning Board of Appeals: Earl Barcomb (chair), Kenneth Kirik, Robert Edwards, Amy Pokorny, Larry Wilson, Robert Simpson, and David Holley;

Planning Board: Robert Price (chair), Thomas Wolfe, Brett Pulliam, Michael Scott, William Bellerjeau, Daniel Driscoll, and Robert Gwinn;

Board of Assessment Review: Tim Frederick (chair), Howard Zimmer, Gerald Irwin, Robert Whipple, and Vall Pulliam;

Youth Committee: Dennis Decker (ex-officio), Charles Conklin, Grace Cunningham, Jean Gagnon, Jean Forti, Rich Matlock, Brett Pulliam, Laurie Picinich, Ed Schmidt, Sue VonHaugg, and Janet Viscio;

Conservation Advisory Council: Cheryl Frantzen (chair), Patricia Irwin, Rick Wilson, Hank Donnelly, Stephanie Baron, Betty Ketchum, and Joseph Best (ex-officio).

In Westerlo
Highway workers earn 75 cents more an hour

By Tyler Schuling

WESTERLO — In its first meeting of 2007, the Westerlo Town Board rapidly made its appointments and resolutions.

The town board will continue to meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.; the planning board (consisting of the town board members) will meet on the fourth Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.; and the zoning board of appeals will meet on the third Monday at 7:30 p.m.

The board, at the recommendation of Councilman R. Gregory Zeh, resolved to reimburse all elected and appointed officials of the town the Internal Revenue Service-approved rate when using their own vehicle for official town business. The current IRS-approved rate is 44 cents per mile.

All highway workers will receive a 75-cent-per-hour raise in 2007. All highway workers are hired on a six-month probation and raises are given at the discretion of the highway superintendent.


The Westerlo Town Board made the following appointments and resolutions on Tuesday:

Depository of all town funds: The National Bank of Coxsackie;

Official Town Newspapers: The Altamont Enterprise and The Greenville Press;

Consultant to the town: Robert E. Fisher;

Registrar of Vital Statistics: Gertrude A. Smith;

Deputy Registrar and Deputy Town Clerk: Kathleen Spinnato;

Deputy Code Enforcement Officer: Bruce F. Bunzey;

Court Clerk: Jessica Tronco;

Deputy Supervisor: Edward A. Rash;

Town Attorney: Aline D. Galgay;

Town Historian: Robert M. Duchow;

Dog Control Officer: Jody Ostrander;

Assistant Dog Control Officer: William Scott III;

Zoning Board Clerk and Planning Board Clerk: Florence Derry;

Assessor’s Clerk: Claire Marshall;

Youth Council Coordinator: Mary Jane Snyder-Araldi;

Board of Assessment Review: Dawn Belarge, Eugene Coogan, and Suzanne Rash; and

Zoning Board of Appeals: Ogden Saddlemire, Virginia Mangold, Gerald Woodruff, Wilfred VanIderstine, and Gail Snyder (chair).

Other business

In other business, the town board:

— Heard from Supervisor Richard Rapp that Hannay Reels sent a letter to the town, stating that its building, located next to the transfer station, was vandalized. Chains were cut, Rapp said, and it’s not the first time. The transfer station, he said, has been broken into before, too;

— Heard from Rapp that Town Attorney Aline Galgay will be reporting to the board at next month’s meeting about a proposed contract with the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society, based in Menands, for stray dogs; and

— Heard from Rapp that he is going to send a letter to Albany County about a dead tree on Route 405. The tree, Rapp said, is about to fall down. Rapp told The Enterprise he’s also going to call after sending the letter, and that he is concerned the tree will fall and "there’s a chance it could injure somebody."

In Rensselaerville
New year starts with celebration of Eagles

By Tyler Schuling

RENSSELAERVILLE — Before its annual re-organizational meeting held on New Year’s Day, Supervisor Jost Nickelsberg presented a plaque to Daniel Nevins, a 16-year-old who recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve. Kyle McCormack, a town resident, also recently earned the rank, but was not at the meeting.

Before presenting the plaque, Nickelsberg, who was a Scout, said he "never got there" and earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, the last of the six ranks.

Eagle Scouts are required to demonstrate their leadership skills by completing a Leadership Service Project — a project helpful to a religious institution, school, or the community.

Nickelsberg recalled the recent death of Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.

Ford was the only president to be an Eagle Scout.

"We had a good man," Nickelsberg said.

Nickelsberg listed a number of "significant notables" who are Eagle Scouts — former basketball star, senator, and presidential candidate Bill Bradley; Secretary of Defense and former Central Intelligence Agency director Robert Gates; Senators; and members of the House of Representatives.

"We are blessed to have two Eagle Scouts," Nickelsberg said. Nickelsberg called Nevins and McCormack "special" and said that the two "stand out."

"You are an asset to our community and country"We wish you all the best," he said.


Appointments made by the Rensselaerville Town Board on New Year’s Day include:

Attorney to the town: Tabner, Ryan, and Keniry of Albany;

Town Veterinarian: Diane Biederman;

Civil Defense Coordinator: Brian Wood and David Chase;

Civil Defense Officer: Gerald Wood;

Deputy Town Highway Superintendent: Earl David Potter;

Water Treatment Officer and Sewage Treatment Officer: Delwin Shaver Jr.;

Deputy Water Treatment Officer and Deputy Sewage Treatment Officer: Garrett Platel;

Rensselaerville Water/Sewer Committee: Tim Miller, Jack Long, William McChesney, Douglas Story, and Dale Dormer;

Constable: Richard Simons;

Clerk 1 to Supervisor (Bookkeeper): Nancy Class;

Accountant to the town: Andrea Cornwell;

Deputy Supervisor: Alden Pierce;

Clerk 2 to assessors: Rachel Chase;

Dog Control Officer: Cheryl Tefft-Baitsholts;

Refuse/Recycling Officer: Jon Whitbeck;

Historian: Irene Olson;

Election Machine Custodians: Anthony Donato and Martin Lloyd;

Planning Board: Alynn Wright (chair), Ray Welsh, Kenneth Storm, Timothy Lippert, Larry Bryan, Muriel Frasher, and Richard Amedure;

Planning Board/Zoning Board Secretary: Kathleen Barbrick;

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer: Mark Overbaugh;

Zoning Board of Appeals: William Whitbeck (chair), James Watkins, James Bashwinger, Kenneth McCulloch, and Alfred Stettner;

Registrar of Vital Statistics: Kathy Hallenbeck;

Deputy town clerk/ collector/ registrar: Deidre Andrus;

Court Clerks: Gail La Plante and Lynette Terrell;

Records Inventory Clerk: Deidre Andrus;

Senior employees: Gerald Winans and Ronald Bates;

Official newspaper: The Greenville Press; and

Engineer to the town: Lamont Engineers.

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